• How It Works

    MeetFriendz offers members the opportunity to connect with new like-minded peeps.
  • Connection

    Create groups, send messages, share photos and ideas with people from around the globe.
  • Coordination

    Arrange meetups that make your life more interesting!
  • Action

    Create a world of friendship and engagement that extends beyond your digital device.

"I found a group of friends who love concerts as much as me. We even make some extra cash arranging the bus trips." Steven, Denver

"MeetFriendz takes the awkwardness out of meeting new people and it's super easy to use! " Brae, London

"When I travel, I am able to use MeetFriendz to connect with new people from around the world! I learn about the culture from the locals, not some non-native tour guide." Allison, Orlando

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